Details on our Not-A-Field-Trip to the High!

Hey, guys! So here are the details on our Not-A-Field-Trip to the High Museum in Atlanta:

  1. Our awesome contact at the High is going to let us enter as a school group even though we aren’t going as an official field trip.  This means that your admission fee will be $7.00, which is a REALLY good deal.  You WILL also need to pay for parking if you’re driving down, which will run you $10 to $15 per car– so I would STRONGLY advise carpooling and splitting the cost, if at all possible.
  2. We will meet outside the main entrance of the High Museum in Atlanta at 12 PM tomorrow (Saturday, May 20th)– there’s a courtyard surrounded on three sides by buildings, and a long entryway of glass doors, where you go to buy tickets.  You’ll park in the parking garage at the Woodruff Arts Center, and then take the elevator UP to the courtyard of the museum.  When you get out of the elevator, you’ll see a brightly colored statue of a house with twisted perspective– head straight across the courtyard to your left.  (If you look to your right, you’ll be able to see a bronze by Rodin, given to the High by France as a remembrance of a group of art collectors from Atlanta who died in a plane crash.) You’ll be able to see me, and you can also contact me on Remind.  I’ll be sending out my personal cell to the Remind in a moment in case of emergency– use the information WISELY.
  3. If you plan on entering with us and using the $7.00 group price, you MUST be at the museum by noon.  If you get there afterwards, you’ll have to purchase a regular student entrance fee, because we’ll already be inside.
  4. I intend to be there from 12 to 3 PM, but as this is not a field trip, if you want to stay later– with the permission of your parents, of course– the museum is open until 5 PM.

If you need more information on parking and directions, you can find out more here, at the High’s website.

I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!


Unit Eight Online Study Session!

You know the drill, guys!  I’ll be doing a livestream study session from 6:00 to 7:00 PM tonight on YouTube, and you can watch and ask questions live in the chat section.  You can also tweet @GallowayTeaches, and I’ll answer your question on air so you can watch later if you like:

and here, because I’m dumb:

You can also find the Unit Eight Study guide here:

Unit Eight Study Guide

And remember– just because Frank Lloyd Wright can design a masterwork of American architecture in two hours doesn’t mean that’s a good model for academic success.