Details on our Not-A-Field-Trip to the High!

Hey, guys! So here are the details on our Not-A-Field-Trip to the High Museum in Atlanta:

  1. Our awesome contact at the High is going to let us enter as a school group even though we aren’t going as an official field trip.  This means that your admission fee will be $7.00, which is a REALLY good deal.  You WILL also need to pay for parking if you’re driving down, which will run you $10 to $15 per car– so I would STRONGLY advise carpooling and splitting the cost, if at all possible.
  2. We will meet outside the main entrance of the High Museum in Atlanta at 12 PM tomorrow (Saturday, May 20th)– there’s a courtyard surrounded on three sides by buildings, and a long entryway of glass doors, where you go to buy tickets.  You’ll park in the parking garage at the Woodruff Arts Center, and then take the elevator UP to the courtyard of the museum.  When you get out of the elevator, you’ll see a brightly colored statue of a house with twisted perspective– head straight across the courtyard to your left.  (If you look to your right, you’ll be able to see a bronze by Rodin, given to the High by France as a remembrance of a group of art collectors from Atlanta who died in a plane crash.) You’ll be able to see me, and you can also contact me on Remind.  I’ll be sending out my personal cell to the Remind in a moment in case of emergency– use the information WISELY.
  3. If you plan on entering with us and using the $7.00 group price, you MUST be at the museum by noon.  If you get there afterwards, you’ll have to purchase a regular student entrance fee, because we’ll already be inside.
  4. I intend to be there from 12 to 3 PM, but as this is not a field trip, if you want to stay later– with the permission of your parents, of course– the museum is open until 5 PM.

If you need more information on parking and directions, you can find out more here, at the High’s website.

I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!


AP Art History Final Project: Adding to the Canon!

During the course of this class, we have discussed more than 250 works—those determined by the College Board to be the “canon” of global Art History.  Your project, which will serve as your final exam, is to select, research, justify, and present the addition of THREE new works to the canon.  That is, you will make a case to add three works which are NOT currently part of our curriculum, and you will do so in the form of a seven to ten minute presentation by the date of the final exam.

Here are your guidelines:

  • Your selected works may NOT be the same as those selected by any other student. I will share a sign-up sheet through Google docs on Monday, May 8th at 7:30 AM and you will be able to see which works your colleagues have chosen.  Sign-ups are first come, first served.
  • Your works must come from AT LEAST two different art historical periods. That is, you cannot have all three works from the global contemporary period.  You may have TWO from that period, but the third must be from another art historical period.
  • One of your works MUST be non-Western. This is not negotiable.
  • Your presentation must do the following:
    • Fully contextualize each work. What is its historical background and context?  Who is the artist?  Materials?
    • Provide a fully formal analysis of each work.
    • Connect each work you have chosen to AT LEAST one existing work in the College Board image set. What is it similar to?  Different from?  Why?
    • Justify WHY each work should be included in the College Board image set. Why is this something which should be a part of the canon?  Why is it wrong to leave this work out?

The manner of your presentation is up to you.  You may make a PowerPoint, a video– maybe a commercial or campaign ad?– or any other means of presenting the required material—the only limitation is the time, which is a strict seven to ten minutes.  Being short on time or going over will result in a deduction of points in your final grade.  You should strive to be creative, informative, and polished in your presentation.

Final Presentation Dates:

Wednesday, May 17th


Friday, May 19th

Monday, May 22nd

(You will note that our final day of class– Wednesday, May 24th– does not have any presentations associated with it.  This is deliberate, in case of absences, or in case we need to push some presentations back for the purpose of time.)