Online Study Session for Unit Six!

Y’all know the drill by now, right?

Here’s the Unit Six Study Guide, and if you need more analysis sheets for your Field Notebook, here you go: Unit Six Analysis Sheet.

You can join the livestream here and ask questions in the live chat, or you can tweet questions @GallowayTeaches and then watch the video below to hear me answer them:

Happy studying, guys!


Medieval Art Study Session!

All right, guys– I told you this would be a quick one!  It’s already time to study for another AP Art History test.  Here’s the study guide: Unit Five Study Guide, and here’s the link to the livestream on YouTube.  Remember, you can watch live and type questions in to the chat on the right hand side, or you can tweet questions to me @GallowayTeaches, and I’ll answer them on air so you can watch later.

Happy studying, and I’ll see you guys soon!



Study Session and Review Guide for Unit Four!

We’ll have another online study session tonight (March 6th) from 5:30 to 6:30 PM.  In order to participate live, go to the YouTube Live site linked here, and ask your questions in the chat box.  If you’re planning on watching the recorded session, you can find it below.  Remember you can also tweet questions to me @GallowayTeaches and I’ll answer them online!

Additionally, you’ll find the Unit Four Study Guide located here!