Sculpture and the Ancient Mediterranean

One of the most significant topics we will discuss this unit will be the evolution of the depiction of the human form through Egyptian, Greek, Hellenistic, and Roman sources.  Therefore, to help you focus on the different forms and methods of representations you will encounter, YOU are going to recreate FOUR of the following sculptures in photographs, which you will submit to Ms. Galloway through email. Please send your finished photographs as EITHER files attached to an email with the heading “Sculpture and the Ancient Mediterranean” or share the photographs through Google Drive with Ms. Galloway using the email address cgalloway@nchsmagnet.

DO NOT USE MS. GALLOWAY’S COBBK12 ADDRESS.  This assignment is due at the start of class on Tuesday, February 28th.


  1. Your photographs must be submitted in digital form, so you will need access to either a digital camera OR a cellphone camera. Take advantage of this medium as fully as possible: if you’re familiar with photo editing, feel free to alter the original photographs to make them more accurate depictions of the work in question.  Your photograph must capture the full sculpture, so make sure you get everything in the frame that needs to be.
  2. Your photographs must recreate the sculpture as faithfully as possible in terms of body position and posture, expression, and composition. If it is APPROPRIATE for you to recreate the style of dress, please do so—but keep in mind that whatever is in the photograph MUST be something you could wear to school without violating dress code.  Consider using makeup, props, and hairstyles to recreate each work.
  3. Your photographs should also take into consideration the CONTEXT of each sculpture—what should be in the background? Try to find appropriate backgrounds for each sculpture, if possible.  These may be artificial (you could draw a backdrop or edit in a background), or real—if you can find a place that resembles the original location, consider using the outdoors as your background.
  4. On a separate sheet of paper, please answer the following questions:

*What transformations do you notice in the body posture and form of statuary during this unit?

* Which sculpture do you personally like the most?  Why?  What is it about the work that appeals to you?

* What was the most challenging of the four statues you chose to recreate?  Why?

* Can you draw any parallels between the sculptures from this unit and those from Unit Three?  What patterns and common formal elements do you notice?

You may choose FOUR of the following works to recreate:

  • Seated scribe.
  • King Menkaure and queen.
  • Anavysos Kouros
  • Peplos Kore from the Acropolis
  • Winged Victory of Smothrace
  • Seated boxer
  • Head of a Roman patrician
  • Augustus of Prima Porta

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