Substitute Work: Native North America!

Okay, guys– you know the drill.  I’m out for jury duty, and I don’t know how long this is going to take.  I’ll be communicating with you through Remind and the class blog, so PLEASE make a point of checking until I’m back.

Today, you’re going to do some group work for me on Native North America– relatively early stuff, contemporaneous with the Maya.  So thus far this unit we’ve discussed the Olmec, the Chavin, the Maya– and now we’ll hit on Hopewell and Ancestral Puebloan, before we move forward on the timeline and hit the Aztec and Inca.

First, I need you to divide into groups of FOUR.  Not five, not seven, not pairs.  FOUR.  Push your desks together into tables so you can work.  (You’ll have to reset the room before you go, though.  Make sure you do, please.)

Then, go and get at LEAST one laptop per group.  There aren’t enough for everyone, but there’s enough for at least one or two per group.  Use the laptops OR your phones to look at the following PowerPoint on early Native North America:

Native North America

Use the information in that PowerPoint to help you complete the information gathering chart which the substitute has.  You will NOT turn this in to me; this is for your own reference and notes.

Once you’ve completed your chart, CHECK YOUR EMAIL.  I have shared the PDF file of the textbook chapter which you need for today to those who actually filled out the student survey from the beginning of the semester.  IF YOU DIDN’T FILL OUT THE FORM, YOU WON’T HAVE THE TEXT.  You’ll want to use Chapter 18– the first one I sent out– for the rest of your work.

Using the PDF of the textbook, as well as the online resources linked in the unit studies material section of the class blog, work together in your groups to fill out analysis forms for both the Great Serpent Mound, and the Mesa Verde cliff palace.  (You can look at the AP Course and Exam Description for the specific details on each.)  Make sure to attach your analysis sheet in your field notebook, and include a sketch.

Once EVERYONE in your group has completed their analysis, get a sheet of butcher paper from the substitute.  You’re going to create a travel poster as a group for ONE of the two sites– you may choose which you would like to do.  Your poster should have:

  • A central image of the chosen site IN COLOR
  • The name of the site
  • A travel slogan which indicates WHY a visitor should go see this site
  • Three significant facts which a visitor should know about the site

If you want a good example of some cool travel posters, look at the WPA National Parks posters on the enormously loud A/C unit!  Try to finish your poster by the end of the class– I may or may not be able to give you any time to finish tomorrow.

See you soon, guys!


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