Ice Day Work 2: Neolithic Art!

Welp.  This is a glorious start to the semester, guys, but we’ll work through it, I promise.

Let’s push some dates back one more time, guys: we’ll move your vocabulary quiz to Friday, January 13th, and we’ll move your Unit One Test to Wednesday, January 18th.  I hope.

Here’s what you’re going to do for me today:

  • Watch the following Crash Course: World History video on the Neolithic Revolution to help give you some context on what the Neolithic Era is, and how it’s different from the Paleolithic era you examined yesterday.

  • Then, copy down subsequent chart.  (It doesn’t have to go in your field notebook, and I won’t be collecting it.  However, I expect you to complete it regardless.)  You can go ahead and complete the “Paleolithic” column for right now.  Once you complete the rest of the work below, come back and complete the “Neolithic” column.


  • After working through the first part of the chart above, please get out four more analysis sheets (again, if you don’t have any from Friday, please check this post and download enough to get you through today).  You’ll be working through Beaker with ibex motif, Anthropomorphic stele, Jade cong, and Tlatilco female figure today.  Watch the three videos (and read the linked article on the Anthropomorphic stele) below to help you learn about each, and remember that you can always consult the linked information on the Global Prehistory page if you need more detail.  Continue sketching a version of each work of art in your field notebook, and adhere the finished analysis sheet to the opposite page.

Video information on works of art:

5. Beaker with ibex motifs

6. Anthropomorphic stele

Alas, there’s no video for this one.  Try reading through Khan Academy’s overview of the piece here: Anthropomorphic stele.

7.  Jade cong – Note: this video shows MANY jade congs; you should draw the one located in the image set given here.

10. Tlatilco female figure — Note: the figure that the speaker identifies at 0:56 into the video is the one you need to focus on!


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