Ice Day Distance Work: Paleolithic Art!

Well, I was wrong– I was pretty sure that the ice would melt off in time for us to have class, but it would appear not.  So!  You have a grace period before you see me again– and if you still need that composition book to start your field notebook, I’d suggest waiting until the afternoon (or whenever roads are clear near you) and then venturing out to get one.

We’ll need to do some reconfiguring of due dates for this unit, which I think is going to mean that (a) I’ll push your vocabulary quiz back until Wednesday (January 10th) of this week, and (b) move your Unit One test back to next Tuesday (January 16th).  It’s not ideal, but needs must.  I’ll confirm these dates with you on Tuesday when I see you again. Nope, since we’re out again tomorrow we’re going to have to move these back again.  Check the next entry.

Here’s what I need you to do for me today:

  1. Watch each of the videos I’ve embedded for you below, and complete an analysis form and sketch for each in your field notebook.  I would like you to address the Apollo 11 stones, Great Hall of the Bulls, Camelid sacrum in the shape of a canine, and Running horned woman.  (If you weren’t in class on Friday and need an analysis form, go back one blog entry.) The first video will actually help you get a sense as to how you should draw the works, so don’t worry if you’re not a gifted artist.  Most of the information you need to complete your analysis form you can find in each video, but if you need more, please check out the links to outside sources I’ve included on the Global Prehistory page.
  2. Download the .pdf attached here: Paleolithic Art.  (It isn’t going to stay up here long, guys.  We’re just waiting for the textbooks to come in.)  It’s not the cleanest copy, but it should do for now.  Please read over the pages I’ve included, and be prepared to discuss them in class upon our return.  This reading additionally has some very good information on the Apollo 11 stones and Great Hall of the Bulls.

Videos to Watch:

1. Apollo 11 stones

2. Great Hall of the Bulls

3. Camelid sacrum in the shape of a canine

4. Running horned woman

So those are the works I need you to tackle today, and we’ll work our way through things when we get back!


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